Since releasing the book, The Bitch In Your Head: How to Finally Squash Your Inner Critic, we’ve heard from numerous women about how the concept has helped them identify and stop their self-critical voice.

Notes From Our Readers


The old bitch in my head often made me feel that any contribution I could make right now at 66 years of age would somehow be insignificant and unnecessary. However, after reading the Old Bitch chapter, I realized that my age represented a treasure of experience and information that needs to be honored, and shared! I have fresh ideas and dreams that are yet to be realized! I feel inspired to begin the next leg of my journey and all that lies ahead of me!

Thank you for your book! It was such a treat to Skype with you and the book club members! I found it so interesting that the Bitch says the same things to every ethnic group; racial identity is not an issue here! – DH in Texas


I feel much more conscious now of the difference between a productive internal voice — like the conscience — and The Bitch.  While I didn’t think I unduly suffered from The Bitch in My Head, I think I was just used to her!  I am much more quick now to notice negative or critical thoughts and reframe them to be more encouraging.  If there is some element of truth to what The Bitch is saying, I ask what do I want to DO about it, and therefore quiet her down?

Throughout the book, a theme that resonated with me was the idea that people aren’t looking at us and judging us nearly as much as we fear.  This really came through in “The Party Bitch” chapter, but I think that’s true in so many other areas.  I loved the advice about becoming more comfortable with others by asking them about themselves — such a key lesson that applies in all situations. – SL, New York


My new job is CFO (with a major organization) . . . My bitch is working overtime telling me I’m crazy to do this at my age!!!! I loved the book and found it so real and compelling.  And, funny!  You have such a wonderful writing voice.  With the awareness brought about by reading the book, I am consciously trying to discern the difference between my conscience and my bitch.  A big ‘aha’ for me is how much of my awareness was taken up by the bitch talking to me. I am pushing that dialogue aside and engaging with the world around me:  the world is SO MUCH MORE FUN AND INTERESTING than whatever that bitch has to say!!! – SB, New York



I just finished your book in 3 days! In my mid twenties, after meeting a new guy, the Bitch is constantly telling me I did something wrong, I smell, I’m not pretty enough, I’m too emotional, too sensitive, not playing “hard to get enough.” Hundreds of self-critical thoughts have clouded my mind for 6 months… Your book touched base on so many feelings and thoughts I’ve had recently. I’m so excited for your next book. – JD, California


I read your book. And then I read it again. And for a third time. It took me a few tries to truly and finally pin-down exactly WHO my Bitch was. But when I did, it was like a smack in the face. She is my inability to accept the fact that I AM HERE. I AM ALIVE AND WILL CONTINUE TO MOVE FORWARD.

At fourteen I was diagnosed with Auto Immune Hepatitis, Cirrhosis and Stage 4 Fibrosis of the liver, a platelet count that caused relentless bleeding for days, high liver enzymes, and Osteopenia. For a decade, it has been nothing but bloodwork, biopsies, pills, pills, and shockingly enough, more pills.

No one told me I was going to live. I was instilled with a sense of hopelessness, sadness, anger, regret, blame, and worst of all a habit of giving up, whether it was a hobby, boyfriend, college courses or books. But there is a light in this depressing tunnel! I got better. I am proud to say that for the first time in ten years after my latest blood work tests, endoscopy, and liver biopsy I am proclaimed “healed”.

I have banished the Bitch! I have forced myself to understand that this will be a most wonderfully long and adventurous life and I WILL be taking part in it. I got a steady job that I plan on sticking with because it makes me happy. I plan on reapplying for college courses to finish my degree. I got a life.  – KP, Florida


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